Full stack software design and product engineering

We have a diverse team passionate about different aspects of the software development, programming languages and web and mobile frameworks

Team augmentation

The best in-house development teams will occasionally be lacking in specific competencies. Sometimes, the cost of hiring new people and the time required to do it right maybe holding up project deliverables. When situations like these arise, team augmentation is the perfect solution. Your primary responsibility will be managing the extension team, while our developers’ well-being, benefits, and all additional paperwork remain on us. In case you need to scale or need to follow stringent security protocols while working with sensitive information, we can help you set up and manage an offshore development center specifically for your product or business.

Product Development

Great ideas are just the start, bringing them to fruition is when real value is generated. Our team of business analysts, UX designers, software architects and application developers ensure your visionary ideas and planned solutions to business problems statements are executed to perfection. We recommend the best solutions available now with an eye on the future landscape.

Technology consulting

Ideas are not well defined from the get go and sometimes it takes bit of external help to help to frame and document a holistic technology solution. Our consultants work closely with your team to understand their exact needs and come up with innovative solutions combining our knowledge of software and technology along with the domain expertise. We also help hire and set up software development teams for emerging startups looking to scale up their inhouse operations with some outside help.

Support and Rescue

We provided extented support to already developed products and if necessary we can skip the paperwork and rescue projects in a bind. Our goal is to build long lasting trust in our firm, team and the software products, web portals and mobile applications we help develop and maintain.


We are experienced in a wide range of programming languages, frameworks and technologies

Front end web development

Our team is proficient in HTML/CSS, angular and React for developing the front end of web applications, landing pages and static websites

Interactive web experiences

We design and develop interactive web experiences for the brands of the future using javascript and its supporting libraries like three.js and resonance

Backend web development

We have dedicated developers for .NET MVC, Java and PHP well versed with major frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Spring boot and Laravel

Mobile app development

Our technology stack includes Android and iOS for native applications and Ionic or React native for hybrid mobile applications

Game/AR-VR development

We take up game development and VR based prototypes and applications in Unity/Unreal and have experience working on Occulus, HTC Vive and more

Data analytics

We use python and its supporting open sources libraries execute projects involving Machine learning, Data science, Web scrapping and Analytics

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